Reports: Nick Young garnering interest from Houston among others

According to multiple reports, The Houston Rockets and several other teams are interested in signing former Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young during the NBA’s free agency period.

After losing Trevor Ariza earlier in free agency, the Rockets have been actively looking to fill his role with another veteran shooting expert who can expand the wide array of weapons Houston possesses on the offensive end. Young checks all of those boxes while also being a low-risk high-reward type player. The Rockets don’t have to sign Young to any sort of lengthy or expensive contract making him less of a risk to take on and if things don’t work out after one year or so, they can always move on from him. Young averaged 7.3 points per game, half a steal and half an assist while shooting 41% in a Golden State Warriors uniform. After winning a title with Golden State last year, the veteran guard has been attracting a lot of attention from more teams then just Houston, even though the Rockets seems to be the frontrunner.


To get a better understanding of Young’s shooting capabilities, here’s a heat-map provided to us by

Nick Young

The Rockets recently signed elite defender James Ennis to fill in the role of Mbah a Moute after he signed a one year deal with the Clippers. The Rockets are looking to sign players who will be cheap but also make a difference while on the floor.

If the Rockets could ink a deal with Nick Young, they would acquire an elite perimeter scorer who would make a huge difference on the offensive end.

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